Our attractions in the valley

Family fun for all ages

The Treetop Path

The treetop path is the highest one in Europe. Together with the Golden Gate Bridge of the alps a combination of a 1 km long round path in the tree tops and a 200 m long rope bridge was brought to you. It is a unique project in Europe.

Opened 365 days/year!



Schnitza's Woodpark

A different wood-experience ...

Next to the well known devil's water a different kind of theme park was built: "Schnitza's wood park" is entered through a wood maze and contains numerous playing facilities.

"Back to the roots" is the motto. How many kids unlearned how to play with simple and natural materials because of computer games? In "Schnitza's wood park" creativity, the spirit of adventure are demanded in the same way as open eyes for the nature and a little braveness.

Mystic "devil's water" in the end of the Glemm valley!

The magic world of the devil's water in the end of the valley is a big theme park with many offers for playing and wellness concerning the element water. A "Kneipp"-Basin, a fishpond, wooden playhouse, rocky pool, cavepath, herbs-of-the-alps-path and the "Stonedragonsquare", fairy- and gnomeworld, dancing forest ghosts and some resting places to relax.

The whole summer through you can visit the devil's water for free!

High Rope Course

Sporty self-awareness for those who are free from giddiness!

In the end of the valley you will find Austria's biggest high rope course.

The latest attraction are three ropeslides with a length of 2 kms! Glide over the valley 100 metres above the ground and 70 km/h fast!

The high rope course is a JOKER CARD-Bonuspartner!