Montelino's Adventure Path

To make it short: Montelino neglected his friends and toys - So one day, all his friendswere gone, and the toy box was empty. Because of that our small clown Montelino got sad and lost his smile. Now your help is urgently needed!

Between top and mid station of the Kohlmaisgipfelbahn lift this attraction is waiting for you! It's all about the little clown Montelino who lost his smile because he neglected his friends and toys until they disappeared. Now its your turn to bring the smile back to Montelino. Take a box and try to find all his friends and toys again. Follow the wise owl - it will help you! Enjoy a new adventure and help Montelino to smile again.

Try this adventure with fun and games at this magic mountain. Are you able to find Montelino's friends and toys?

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Montelino's deer feeding

Be the deer very close!
Our little clown Montelino has discovered a passion for wild game, and surprises all children with a feeding session where they can observe deer. To add to the fun, there are activity stations as well as a giant deer that you can climb inside.

Tip: deer feeding takes place daily between 10:00 and 11:00 am at the deer observing area above the Panorama Alm.

Käpt´n Hook - Action Pools

The new "Käpt'n Hook" outdoor pool offers an unique water world. 1000 m² of water with a wildwater channel, climbing net, whirlpool, and a rain zone. Big chutes for the kids.

Additionally there is a beach volleyball square and a open air cinema.
On the shipdeck you will find the restaurant.

Opened daily from 09.00 (10.00 later in season) - 19.00 h
Further information:
Tel.: +43 (0)6541 6516

Mount Kodok – Follow the mystical clues on the track from the goblin

Follow the mystical clues on the track from the goblin

Once upon a time a goblin, called Kodok, had stolen the magic cap from our clown. Until today, nobody had managed to get the clown cap back. It is said, that the goblin hid the cap at a secret place. Now you have the chance to bring back the luck to the Mount Kodok. To solve the riddle, you have to find the right code of signs and record it in your adventure pass. Follow the mystical hints on Mount Kodok, find the goblin´s tracks and unravel the mysteries, which you´ll see. Dare to go through the dark canyon and the speaking-tree will tell you the secret.

Good luck on your adventure at the Reiterkogel!
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Expedition Kodok – The search for the magic crystals

The evil goblin Kodok is back on the magic mountain! Although many brave children have already brought back the stolen hat again, the goblin has gained mysterious magic power during the possession of the hat and tricks and pranks on the mountain again. The evil goblin has transferred the magic power from the lost hat onto crystals and is on the mountain again, getting up to all sorts of mischief and playing terrible tricks.
Equipped either with a treasure map or a GPS unit, children must embark on further adventures to discover his hiding place and remove his magic power forever.

Good luck on your adventure at the Reiterkogel!
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Schnitza's Woodpark

A different wood-experience ...
Next to the well known devil's water a different kind of theme park was built: "Schnitza's wood park" is entered through a wood maze and contains numerous playing facilities.

"Back to the roots" is the motto. How many kids unlearned how to play with simple and natural materials because of computer games? In "Schnitza's wood park" creativity, the spirit of adventure are demanded in the same way as open eyes for the nature and a little braveness.

Herbert Aschaber, the famous wood carver, called "Schnitza", creates with his wood park a new and attractive facility in Saalbach Hinterglemm's holiday portfolio.

More information can be found hereSchnitza's Woodpark!

Mystic "devil's water" in the end of the Glemm valley!

Just a few meters after the well known "Lindlingalm" mountain hut you will find the devil's water. The alpine circus Saalbach Hinterglemm has one further attraction!

The magic world of the devil's water in the end of the valley is a big theme park with many offers for playing and wellness concerning the element water. A "Kneipp"-Basin, a fishpond, wooden playhouse, rocky pool, cavepath, herbs-of-the-alps-path and the "Stonedragonsquare", fairy- and gnomeworld, dancing forest ghosts and some resting places to relax.

The whole summer through you can visit the devil's water for free!