Green Road

Sustainable Vacation at Landhaus Saalbach

Green Road

Sustainable Vacation at Landhaus Saalbach

In Harmony with Nature

At Landhaus Saalbach, sustainability is more than just a concept – it’s a lived value. Between our green gardens and cozy apartments, a responsible approach to the environment is reflected. Here, conscious action becomes second nature, and every guest is part of this sustainable vision. Together, we strive to preserve our beautiful surroundings for future generations by being mindful of our actions and relying on renewable energies to actively contribute to the protection of our nature.

Energy coverage 97%

Shaping Our Future Sustainably

Through the transition to sustainable energy sources, we were able to save an impressive 180,000 kg of CO2 & 210,000 kWh. This resulted in a cost saving of 70% compared to a conventional oil heating system.

Investment in Sustainability

Our targeted investments in sustainable infrastructure and technologies aim to reduce our environmental footprint and create long-term economic opportunities.

Electricity Generation with Photovoltaic System

Our photovoltaic systems enable environmentally friendly electricity generation from solar energy, allowing us to reduce our ecological footprint and decrease our dependence on non-renewable resources.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Our good access to public transportation allows our guests to rely on environmentally friendly modes of transport and reduce their CO2 emissions

Ground Source Heat Pump Technology for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection

By integrating modern technology such as a ground source heat pump, Landhaus Saalbach pursues a sustainable approach. This innovative solution harnesses solar energy to efficiently heat and cool the building, resulting in reduced energy consumption and minimized environmental impact. Our ground source heat pump covers an area of approximately 1500m² and is located directly beneath the underground garage. Unlike other technologies, the earth source heat pump operates on a closed-loop system, storing excess solar energy and releasing it for heat production during periods of low sunlight. But I’ll explain more about it in the video

Retention Basin for Rainwater

Our retention basin holds back rainfall and releases it gradually back into nature. This relieves natural watercourses during periods of heavy rainfall. The delayed release of rainwater helps the environment recover more quickly after heavy rains and prolonged periods of rainfall by reducing flooding and erosion. Additionally, it improves water quality, as slower water flow allows more time for sedimentation and the breakdown of pollutants. This not only promotes the biodiversity of local flora and fauna but also contributes to the stability of the ecosystem. Ultimately, the retention basin is a crucial element in water management, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change and promote a more sustainable environment.

Water from Own Spring

All our water is sourced from our own spring and is available to all our guests. We warmly invite you to experience the uniqueness of our water and enjoy its benefits during your stay at our establishment

Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles

Our provided charging facilities for electric vehicles promote sustainable mobility and support our guests in traveling environmentally friendly. When possible, we also charge cars with solar energy to further enhance their eco-friendliness.

Green Areas for Bees and Insects

Our green areas in the garden as well as on the roof of the new building provide insects and bees with a special habitat, combining a sustainable holiday experience with nature.

Duration of Stay

The philosophy of Landhaus Saalbach includes promoting longer stays, which contributes to sustainability in various ways. It minimizes the frequency of arrivals and departures, reduces resource consumption, and ultimately, by extending the length of stay, it can also decrease visitor traffic to popular destinations, thereby reducing the impact on the local environment

Local & Regional Products

In our gastronomy and throughout our operation, we primarily use local products to support the regional economy and reduce transportation distances and associated emissions. Some of our partners include Fürstauer Butchery, Maishofen Dairy, Brotkultur Bakery, and Andreas Wenin Beekeeping.

Trained Staff

We train and raise awareness among our staff about sustainable practices to promote environmentally friendly behavior and more efficient resource use. We exclusively use organic-certified cleaning products and dry steam machines with purified water for cleaning and disinfection. Window and building cleaning are done without chemical additives, leaving no residue with pure osmosis water. These practices not only benefit our environment but also help our team avoid contact with harmful chemicals.

Our EcoEscape Offer

Sustainable Vacationing, Saving Money: Experience Landhaus Saalbach with our Environmentally Friendly Rate – 10% Discount, Free Train Station Pickup & More!

Enjoy your stay at Landhaus Saalbach in a sustainable way while also easing your travel budget. With our Environmentally Friendly Rate, you can actively contribute to reducing environmental impact. Receive a 10% discount on our current daily rates when arriving by public transportation. Additionally, we offer complimentary pickup from Zell am See, Maishofen, or Saalfelden train stations. This offer is valid for bookings of 3 nights or more, initially until September 22nd.