Living in Harmony with Nature

Waking up, opening the curtains, and enjoying the freedom with a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains. We cherish the gifts of nature. To ensure that you can visit us in such a beautiful environment for many years to come, we have delved into the topics of environment and sustainability. Both in the construction of the new apartment building and in the provision of meals, we prioritize sustainability and regional sourcing.

Sustainable Materials

The sustainable materials used in our construction have been carefully and thoughtfully chosen. Stone, in its most beautiful form, glass as clear as mountain air, and warm fabrics that mimic the warmth of the sun. Wood also plays a significant role. Both externally and internally, these timeless natural materials harmonize, just as nature itself exemplifies.

Regional Catering

In the country house, you have various options for breakfast. Whether it’s a breakfast basket delivered to your room or a cozy brunch in our pine-paneled room, we believe in the saying “you are what you eat.” For this reason and for environmental considerations, we rely on regional products.

Resource-Efficient Construction

Our new building offers an unforgettable panoramic view, keeping sustainability in mind. This issue is becoming increasingly important for all of us. Therefore, we aim to protect our tourism area and preserve it for future generations.

Through energy-efficient and resource-conscious construction, we have implemented a two-layered surface storage beneath our underground garage. During the summer months, it is heated with the excess warmth generated by the solar panels. This technology allows us to extract and reintegrate the captured heat into the system during the cold winter months with fewer sunlight hours. This process aims to provide our guests with a comfortable living environment in a environmentally friendly manner.

Additionally, we have upgraded our aging oil heating system to an energy-efficient gas heating system. This transition will be partially necessary until approximately 2023, by which time the geothermal storage will have accumulated sufficient heat. Subsequently, we can ensure energy supply solely through renewable sources. To enhance the indoor climate, we have installed external blinds (Raffstores) on the panoramic windows. Recognizing that the arrival and departure of our guests contribute to the overall greenhouse gas balance, we have integrated three electric charging stations powered by our photovoltaic system.